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Volume 14 Supplement 1

Abstract Book of The European Headache and Migraine Trust International Congress

Meeting abstracts

Edited by Peter J Goadsby and Dominique Valade

Publication of this supplement was supported by EHMTIC Limited.

The European Headache and Migraine Trust International Congress. Go to conference site.

London, UK20-23 September 2012

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    Authors: Boukje de Vries, Tobias Freilinger, Verneri Anttila, Rainer Malik, Mikko Kallela, Gisela M Terwindt, Patricia Pozo-Rosich, Bendik Winsvold, Dale R Nyholt, Willebrordus PJ van Oosterhout, Ville Artto, Unda Todt, Eija Hämäläinen, Jèssica Fernández-Morales, Mark A Louter, Mari A Kaunisto…

    Citation: The Journal of Headache and Pain 2013 14(Suppl 1):P18

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