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Ongoing Thematic series

Neuroimmune Interplay in Headache
Edited by: Gregory Dussor and Kristian Agmund Haanes

European Headache Federation (EHF) reappraisal of standard of care preventives in migraine
Edited by: Christian Lampl

One Health for Headache
Edited by: Matilde Leonardi and Paolo Martelletti

Chronic Headaches and Medication Overuse
Edited by: Gianluca Coppola

Neuroimage on Headache
Edited by:  Yonggang Wang

Debates on Migraine
Edited by:  Messoud Ashina and Paolo Martelletti

Valuing headache care
Edited by: Timothy Steiner and Michela Tinelli

Hot topics in headache and pain from the EHF-SAS
Edited by: Paolo Martelletti

Closed for submission


Thematic series
Molecular Interactions in Migraine
Edited by: Rashid Giniatullin


Thematic series
Basic science in headache
Edited by: Antoinette Maassen van den Brink

Thematic series
Real-world evidence of emerging therapies in headache
Edited by:  Shuu-Jiun Wang and Michel Lanteri-Minet

Thematic series
Translational Research in Headache
Edited by: Lars Edvinsson and Paolo Martelletti


Thematic series
The Greppi Award 2000-2021


Thematic series
Animal models in headache research
Edited by: Cenk Ayata, Andrea M. Harriott

Thematic series
Migraine Aura - Current Understanding and Future Perspectives
Edited by: Paolo Martelletti, Michele Viana, Anders Hougaard


Thematic series
The changing face of migraine
Edited by: Messoud Ashina, Lars Edvinsson, Paolo Martelletti


Thematic series
Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide (PACAP) - an emerging molecule in primary headaches
Edited by: Messoud Ashina


Thematic series
Cluster Headache and other rare headaches
Edited by: Dimos Mitsikostas
Collection published: 20 August 2015