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Call for papers

European Headache Federation (EHF) reappraisal of standard of care preventives in migraine

Edited by Christian Lampl

The Journal of Headache and Pain invites participating authors to submit their manuscripts to our Collection on European Headache Federation (EHF) reappraisal of standard of care preventives in migraine.

One Health for Headache

Edited by Dr. Matilde Leonardi and Dr. Paolo Martelletti
The Journal of Headache and Pain is calling for submissions to our Collection on One Health for Headache. This Collection aims to create a cross-disciplinary space for those working within and across clinical, social, and public health paradigms to address and reduce the burden of headache globally and reduce disability from this major non-communicable disease.

Chronic Headaches and Medication Overuse

Edited by Dr. Gianluca Coppola
The Journal of Headache and Pain invites participating authors to submit to our Collection on Chronic Headaches and Medication Overuse. This thematic series intends to approach chronic headache and symptom overuse from a broad and multidisciplinary perspective centred on these and other unanswered concerns. 

Neuroimage on Headache

Edited by Yonggang Wang

This thematic series aims to provide a collection of papers addressing the novel pathophysiology and developing neuroimaging-guided treatments for headache disorders.

Read more about the scope of the series and contribute with your own research and review articles.

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Visual Abstracts

The Journal of Headache and Pain encourages authors to submit a visual abstract along with their manuscripts. 

As an author submitting at The Journal of Headache and Pain you are entitled to a 20% discount on professionally produced visual abstracts. Click here to find out more about the service, and your discount will be automatically applied when using this link.

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  1. Authors: Anna K. Szewczyk, Samiye Ulutas, Tülin Aktürk, Linda Al-Hassany, Corinna Börner, Federica Cernigliaro, Michalis Kodounis, Salvatore Lo Cascio, David Mikolajek, Dilara Onan, Chiara Ragaglini, Susanna Ratti, Eduardo Rivera-Mancilla, Sofia Tsanoula, Rafael Villino, Karl Messlinger…

  1. Authors: Claudio Tana, Enrico Bentivegna, Soo-Jin Cho, Andrea M. Harriott, David García-Azorín, Alejandro Labastida-Ramirez, Raffaele Ornello, Bianca Raffaelli, Eloísa Rubio Beltrán, Ruth Ruscheweyh and Paolo Martelletti

Editorial | 2 December 2020
Migraine remains second among the world’s causes of disability, and first among young women: findings from GBD2019
T. J. Steiner, L. J. Stovner, R. Jensen, D. Uluduz and Z. Katsarava

Review article | 13 February 2020
Gut-brain Axis and migraine headache: a comprehensive review
Mahsa Arzani, Soodeh Razeghi Jahromi, Zeinab Ghorbani, Fahimeh Vahabizad, Paolo Martelletti, Amir Ghaemi, Simona Sacco and Mansoureh Togha

Research article | 7 April 2020
Real-life data on the efficacy and safety of erenumab in the Abruzzo region, central Italy
Raffaele Ornello, Alfonsina Casalena, Ilaria Frattale, Amleto Gabriele, Giannapia Affaitati, Maria Adele Giamberardino, Maurizio Assetta, Maurizio Maddestra, Fabio Marzoli, Stefano Viola, Davide Cerone, Carmine Marini, Francesca Pistoia and Simona Sacco

Research article | 1 June 2020
A prospective real-world analysis of erenumab in refractory chronic migraine
Giorgio Lambru, Bethany Hill, Madeleine Murphy, Ivona Tylova and Anna P. Andreou

Consensus article | 16 June 2020
European headache federation consensus on the definition of resistant and refractory migraine
Simona Sacco, Mark Braschinsky, Anne Ducros, Christian Lampl, Patrick Little, Antoinette Maassen van den Brink, Patricia Pozo-Rosich, Uwe Reuter, Elena Ruiz de la Torre, Margarita Sanchez Del Rio, Alexandra J. Sinclair, Zaza Katsarava and Paolo Martelletti

Research article | 13 October 2020
Headache characteristics in COVID-19 pandemic-a survey study
Özge Uygun, Mustafa Ertaş, Esme Ekizoğlu, Hayrunnisa Bolay, Aynur Özge, Elif Kocasoy Orhan, Arif Atahan Çağatay and Betül Baykan

Research article | 2 March 2020
Comorbid and co-occurring conditions in migraine and associated risk of increasing headache pain intensity and headache frequency: results of the migraine in America symptoms and treatment (MAST) study
Dawn C. Buse, Michael L. Reed, Kristina M. Fanning, Ryan Bostic, David W. Dodick, Todd J. Schwedt, Sagar Munjal, Preeti Singh and Richard B. Lipton

Research article | 29 July 2020
Factors associated with the presence of headache in hospitalized COVID-19 patients and impact on prognosis: a retrospective cohort study
Javier Trigo, David García-Azorín, Álvaro Planchuelo-Gómez, Enrique Martínez-Pías, Blanca Talavera, Isabel Hernández-Pérez, Gonzalo Valle-Peñacoba, Paula Simón-Campo, Mercedes de Lera, Alba Chavarría-Miranda, Cristina López-Sanz, María Gutiérrez-Sánchez, Elena Martínez-Velasco, María Pedraza, Álvaro Sierra, Beatriz Gómez-Vicente, Juan Francisco Arenillas and Ángel L. Guerrero 

Research article | 9 June 2020
Multidimensional assessment of the effects of erenumab in chronic migraine patients with previous unsuccessful preventive treatments: a comprehensive real-world experience
Antonio Russo, Marcello Silvestro, Fabrizio Scotto di Clemente, Francesca Trojsi, Alvino Bisecco, Simona Bonavita, Alessandro Tessitore and Gioacchino Tedeschi

Research article | 24 September 2020
Impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on patients with migraine: a web-based survey study
Jasem Y. Al-Hashel and Ismail Ibrahim Ismail

Publication years: 2020-2021
Source: Web of Science, data collected: March 2023

Aims and scope

The Journal of Headache and Pain is a peer-reviewed open access journal specifically dedicated to researchers involved in all aspects of headache and related pain syndromes, including epidemiology, public health, basic science, translational medicine, clinical trials and real-world data. With a multidisciplinary perspective, The Journal of Headache and Pain covers headache medicine and related pain syndromes in all medical disciplines and particularly encourages clinical, translational and basic science submissions in the areas of pain management, genetics, neurology and internal medicine. Read more

New volumes in the Book series: Headache

Clinical Scales for Headache Disorders and Headache Disorders in Pandemic Conditions will be published as part of the Headache book series, endorsed by the European Headache Federation (EHF). Read more…

Non-Migraine Primary Headaches in Medicine now available!

The book Non-Migraine Primary Headaches in Medicine, a Machine-Generated Literature Overview of migraine in medicine, edited by Paolo Martelletti is now available. This experimental text into machine-generated and curated content fills the gap of unmet needs of this important social disease. Read more…

European Headache Federation School of Advanced Studies

The European HeadacheFederation School of Advanced Studies (EHF-SAS) aims to support headache science and offers young EU scientists high quality educational activities to enhance their critical spirit and skills to face headache medicine from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The EHF-SAS covers the richness and diversity of headache medicine fields, including basic science, clinical science, and diagnostic science, and places an emphasis on collaborative projects. The European Headache Federation will support its fellows’ activities allowing them to independently build their own plan sided by the EHF-SAS Scientific Committee.

Editorial Board Spotlight

Dr Francesca Puledda is a Neurologist and post-doctoral researcher in the headache group at King’s College London. Since 2010 she has authored 33 articles on headache and has a current h-index of 15. Her main interests include: the pathophysiology of migraine and visual snow syndrome, secondary headaches and SIH, neuroimaging, neuromodulation and neurophysiology of primary headache disorders.New Content Item

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