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Aims and scope

The Journal of Headache and Pain is a peer-reviewed open access journal specifically dedicated to researchers involved in all aspects of headache and related pain syndromes, including epidemiology, public health, basic science, translational medicine, clinical trials and real-world data. With a multidisciplinary perspective, The Journal of Headache and Pain covers headache medicine and related pain syndromes in all medical disciplines and particularly encourages clinical, translational and basic science submissions in the areas of pain management, genetics, neurology and internal medicine. Read more

COVID-19 and impact on peer review

As a result of the significant disruption that is being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic we are very aware that many researchers will have difficulty in meeting the timelines associated with our peer review process during normal times.  Please do let us know if you need additional time. Our systems will continue to remind you of the original timelines but we intend to be highly flexible at this time.

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  1. Authors: Alejandro Labastida-Ramírez, Silvia Benemei, Maria Albanese, Antonina D’Amico, Giovanni Grillo, Oxana Grosu, Devrimsel Harika Ertem, Jasper Mecklenburg, Elena Petrovna Fedorova, Pavel Řehulka, Francesca Schiano di Cola, Javier Trigo Lopez, Nina Vashchenko, Antoinette MaassenVanDenBrink and Paolo Martelletti

    Content type: Review article

  1. Authors: Giorgio Lambru, Sarah Miller and Manjit S Matharu

    Content type: Review article

Editorial | 21 February 2018
Migraine is first cause of disability in under 50s: will health politicians now take notice?
Timothy J. Steiner, Lars J. Stovner, Theo Vos, R. Jensen and Z. Katsarava

Research | 05 February 2018
Long-term study of the efficacy and safety of OnabotulinumtoxinA for the prevention of chronic migraine: COMPEL study
Andrew M. Blumenfeld, Richard J. Stark, Marshall C. Freeman, Amelia Orejudos and Aubrey Manack Adams

Consensus article | 16 January 2019
European headache federation guideline on the use of monoclonal antibodies acting on the calcitonin gene related peptide or its receptor for migraine prevention
Simona Sacco, Lars Bendtsen, Messoud Ashina, Uwe Reuter, Gisela Terwindt, Dimos-Dimitrios Mitsikostas and Paolo Martelletti

Research | 01 February 2018
Poor medical care for people with migraine in Europe – evidence from the Eurolight study
Zaza Katsarava, Maka Mania, Christian Lampl, Johanna Herberhold and Timothy J. Steiner

Review | 12 March 2018
The big CGRP flood - sources, sinks and signalling sites in the trigeminovascular system
Karl Messlinger

Review | 09 March 2018
PACAP and its role in primary headaches
Lars Edvinsson, János Tajti, Levente Szalárdy and László Vécsei

Review | 07 August 2018
PACAP38 and PAC1 receptor blockade: a new target for headache?
Eloisa Rubio-Beltrán, Edvige Correnti, Marie Deen, Katharina Kamm, Tim Kelderman, Laura Papetti, Simone Vigneri, Antoinette MaassenVanDenBrink and Lars Edvinsson

Research | 24 May 2018
Patterns of medicinal cannabis use, strain analysis, and substitution effect among patients with migraine, headache, arthritis, and chronic pain in a medicinal cannabis cohort
Eric P. Baron, Philippe Lucas, Joshua Eades and Olivia Hogue

Consensus article | 08 October 2018
European Headache Federation guideline on idiopathic intracranial hypertension
Jan Hoffmann, Susan P Mollan, Koen Paemeleire, Christian Lampl, Rigmor H Jensen and Alexandra J Sinclair

Research | 18 January 2018
Sphenopalatine ganglion stimulation for cluster headache, results from a large, open-label European registry​​​​​​​
Mads Barloese, Anja Petersen, Philipp Stude, Tim Jürgens, Rigmor Højland Jensen and Arne May

Publication years: 2018-2019
Source: Web of Science, data collected: March 2020

European Headache Federation School of Advanced Studies

The European Headache Federation School of Advanced Studies (EHF-SAS) aims to support headache science and offers young EU scientists high quality educational activities to enhance their critical spirit and skills to face headache medicine from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The EHF-SAS covers the richness and diversity of headache medicine fields, including basic science, clinical science, and diagnostic science, and places an emphasis on collaborative projects. The European Headache Federation will support its fellows’ activities allowing them to independently build their own plan sided by the EHF-SAS Scientific Committee.

Editorial Office

Editor in Chief (Founding) 
Paolo Martelletti, MD, 
Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine
Sapienza University of Rome 
Via di Grottarossa 1035 
I-00189 Rome, Italy 
Tel.: +39-06-33775111 
Fax: +39-06-33775110 

Assistant to the Editor: Valerio De Angelis 

An Unexpected and Suspended Time

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The Journal of Headache and Pain has launched In Review, a new option that provides authors with on-demand information on the status of their manuscript, enables them to share their work with funders and their research community, and allows their colleagues to comment and collaborate - all whilst their manuscript is under review.

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Editorial Board Spotlight

Lars EdvinssonProf. Lars Edvinsson is a Professor in Internal Medicine, University of Lund, Sweden, and in Clinical and Experimental receptor regulation at Copenhagen University. He has spent 35 years on finding CGRP, building the case of its importance in migraine and cluster headache, and finally seeing the fulfillment of its therapeutic usefulness. The monoclonal antibodies in prevention of chronic and frequent episodic migraine, and he has been instrumental in the early work on gepants, small molecules that block the CGRP receptor. These are now in late phase for implementation in both acute and prophylactic therapy of migraine.  His current work focus on novel targets for treatment of primary headaches.

Academic education in headache

The demand for a broad, complete and independent education in Headache Disorders has increased over time. The following international Masters courses guarantee a full coverage of this area of clinical medicine.

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MaSapienza Education in Headachester in Headache Medicine
Sapienza University 
Academic Year 2019-2020

University of CopenhagenMaster of Headache Disorders
University of Copenhagen
Academic Years 2018-2020