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Table 3 Multivariate regression analysis of independent determinants for being RespondersT13

From: Does MIDAS reduction at 3 months predict the outcome of erenumab treatment? A real-world, open-label trial

  aOR = Exp(B) SE Wald χ2 95% confidence interval p value
Age (years) 0.97 0.03 0.84 0.92–1.0 0.360
Sex 3.6 0.68 3.6 0.96–13.6 0.058
MIDASRes 2.1 0.56 1.8 0.70–6.3 0.185
MMDRes 7.1 0.58 11.3 2.3–22.4 0.001
  1. Legend: aOR: adjusted Odds Ratio; MIDASRes: Patients with a MIDAS reduction of at least 50% at T3. MMDRes: Patients with MMDs reduction of at least 50% at T3. +T3: follow-up visit at three months after first erenumab administration. Variables tested but not included in the final model according to a stepwise analysis: baseline general health score, baseline HADS-D score, days of acute drug intake at baseline, and use of preventive treatment at baseline