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Table 2 Lateralized SPECT Perfusion Findings*

From: Prolonged migraine aura resembling ischemic stroke following CoronaVac vaccination: an extended case series

Location Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3 Patient 4 Patient 5 Patient 6 Patient 7 Patient 8
Frontal Hypoperfusion Hypoperfusion Mixed hyper/hypoperfuison Hyperperfusion Hypoperfusion Mixed hyper/hypoperfuison Mixed hyper/hypoperfuison Normal
Parietal Normal Hypoperfusion Mixed hyper/hypoperfuison Normal Hyperperfusion ** Normal Mixed hyper/hypoperfuison Hyperperfusion
Temporal Hypoperfusion Hot spot+ hyperperfusion Hot spot+hyperperfusion Normal Hypoperfuison Mixed hyper/hypoperfuison Mixed hyper/hypoperfuison Hot spot + hypoperfusion
Occipital Hypoperfusion Normal Hypoperfusion Hot spot + hyperperfusion Hypoperfusion Hot spot+hypoperfusion Hot spot+hypoperfusion Hypoperfusion
Basal ganglia Hypoperfusion Normal Hypoperfusion Normal Normal Hypoperfusion Normal Hypoperfusion
Thalamus Hypoperfusion Hypoperfusion Hypoperfusion Hypoperfusion Normal Hypoperfusion Hypoperfusion Hypoperfusion
Cerebellum Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Hyperperfusion *** Normal Normal
Brainstem Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal
  1. *All abnormal findings were contralateral to the side of symptoms, except as noted by asterisks
  2. **Hot spot of parietal hyperperfusion in patient 5 was ipsilateral to the symptom
  3. ***Cerebellar hyperperfusion in patient 6 was ipsilateral to the symptoms