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Table 2 Regions showing differences in the ALFF and ReHo values among all groups

From: Functional connectivity of the visual cortex differentiates anxiety comorbidity from episodic migraineurs without aura

   MNI coordinate K T score
   X Y Z
  MwoA-A vs. HCs LG_R 27 -66 -3 41 -3.6211
  MwoA-A vs. MwoA-OA pIPS_L -45 -60 57 61 3.5332
  MwoA-A vs. HCs LG_R 24 -66 -3 63 -3.3496
  1. Abbreviations: ALFF amplitude of low-frequency fluctuations; HCs healthy controls; LG lingual gyrus; MNI Montreal Neurological Institute; MwoA-A migraine without aura with anxiety; MwoA-OA migraine without aura without anxiety; pIPS posterior intraparietal sulcus; ReHo regional homogeneity; L left; R right. Significance threshold was set at p < 0.005 (Bonferroni corrected) with a 40-voxel extension threshold