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Table 3 Two-sample t-test (voxel-level P < 0.01 and cluster-level P < 0.05 Gaussian random field corrected) of difference in causal influence to and from the left amygdala in patients with migraine without aura versus healthy controls

From: Altered amygdala effective connectivity in migraine without aura: evidence from resting‐state fMRI with Granger causality analysis

  Brain region Peak MNI coordinates Voxel size Peak t score
Causal outflow from L amygdala to the rest of the brain (X to Y)       
  L_Sup_Temporal -60 -42 12 203 -3.5682
Causal inflow to L amygdala from the rest of the brain (Y to X)       
  L_Inf_Frontal -39 -15 -24 118 6.0593
  1.  L left; Sup superior; Inf inferior