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Table 2 List of the preventive (prophylaxis and acute medication) therapy for each patient

From: Structural brain network characteristics in patients with episodic and chronic migraine

EM Acute Prophylactic CM Acute Prophylactic MOH
Subj. 1 SA   Subj. 1 SA B2, Mg no
Subj. 2 SA   Subj. 2 Triptans   yes
Subj. 3 Triptan   Subj. 3 Triptans, SA   yes
Subj. 4 Triptan, SA   Subj. 4 Triptans   no
Subj. 5 SA   Subj. 5 Triptans   no
Subj. 6 Triptans   Subj. 6 Triptans   yes
Subj. 7 Triptans   Subj. 7 Triptans Betablocker yes
Subj. 8 SA, opiates   Subj. 8 Triptans, SA   yes
Subj. 9 SA   Subj. 9 SA   no
Subj. 10 SAa   Subj. 10 Triptans Riboflavin yes
Subj. 11 SA   Subj. 11 SA   no
Subj. 12 SA   Subj. 12 SA   no
Subj. 13 SAa   
Subj. 14 Triptans, SA  
Subj. 15 SAa  
Subj. 16 SA  
Subj. 17 Triptans, SA B2, Mg, Q10
  1. Abbreviations: EM Episodic migraine, CM Chronic migraine, SA simple analgesics, SA a - simple analgesics (not for every attack), B2 Riboflavin, Mg Magnesium, Q10 coenzyme Q10, MOH medication overuse headache. MOH is defined as headache that develops or significantly worsens during overuse of acute pain medication