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Table 3 Comparing the sensory processing patterns (according to the AASP) between adolescents with Migraine and healthy controls

From: Sensory processing patterns affect headache severity among adolescents with migraine

 Adolescents with Migraine (n = 38)Healthy Controls (n = 52) 
AASP profilesMeanSDRangeMeanSDRangeF 1,85
Low Registration28.918.9115–5327.624.9418–40.76
Sensory Seeking42.427.3424–5348.567.1932–6214.93***
Sensory Sensitivity36.8810.1818–6335.136.3220–53.98
Sensation Avoiding31.627.6316–5330.695.9921–48.38
  1. p ≤ 0.001***
  2. higher scores indicate worse sensory processing