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Table 5 Comparison between the randomized controlled trials of erenumab for the prevention of migraine and the present study

From: Real-life data on the efficacy and safety of erenumab in the Abruzzo region, central Italy

 ARISE [26]NCT02066415 [17]STRIVE [18]LIBERTY [19]American real-life data [21]Italian real-life data [22]Present study
General characteristics
 Migraine typeEpisodicChronicEpisodicEpisodicChronic and episodic83% chronic, 17% episodic93.4% chronic, 6.6% episodic
 Dose (mg)70701407014014070 or 1407070 or 140
 No. of prior preventive treatment failures< 2 (no response)≤3 (no response)≤2 (no response)2–4≤2
 Follow-up duration, months3363226
 No. of treated patients28619119031731912110078 (13 episodic, 65 chronic)89
Patient characteristics
 Female, %85.7878484.585.3808375% (EM), 80% (CM)87.6
 Mean age, years4241.442.941.140.444.6 47.1 (EM), 47.6 (CM)46.8
 Mean migraine duration, years2220.721.929.1 (EM), 30.2 (CM)28.2
 Medication overuse, %414161.5 (EM), 84.6 (CM)71.9
 Prior preventive treatment failures, %87.3676640.136.4100100100100
 Mean MMDs at baseline8.117.917. (EM), 22.0 (CM)19.8
 MMD decrease, mean days−2.9−6.6−6.6−3.2−3.7−1.8−7 (EM), −15 (CM)−12.4
 Triptan use days decrease, mean days−1.2−3.5−4.1−1.1−1.6−1.3−5.6
 50% responders, %39.3404143.350.030100 (EM), 87.5 (CM)74.1
 Adverse events %48.1444757.355.555341.322.5
 Serious adverse events %1.1312.51.9252.2