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Table 3 Changes in number of headache days, and migraine disability scores before and after supplementation with vitamin D or placebo in episodic migraine patients with/without aura

From: The effects of vitamin D supplementation on interictal serum levels of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) in episodic migraine patients: post hoc analysis of a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial

 Study sub-groupsP value*
Patients with migraine with auraPatients with migraine without aura
Vitamin DPlaceboVitamin DPlacebo
Number of Headache Days per month
 Baseline10.58 (3.67) a,b7.75 (3.86)6.81 (2.43) a7.67 (3.29) b0.008
 After the trial6.00 (3.45)7.50 (3.32)4.63 (2.40) a7.17 (4.11) a0.029
 Changes−4.58 (3.76) a,b−0.25 (3.05) a−2.09 (2.27)− 0.10 (2.91) b0.000
P value#0.0010.801< 0.0010.868 
Migraine Related Disability (MIDAS score)
 Baseline40.00 (26.38)37.90 (18.53)24.81 (10.80)36.53 (22.75)0.057
 After the trial23.08 (24.42)42.90 (25.15) a17.59 (10.94) a.b32.46 (16.44) b0.001
 Changes−16.92 (15.39) a,b5.00 (20.18) a−7.22 (9.25)−1.46 (12.20) b0.001
P value#0.0020.453< 0.0010.547 
  1. Data are presented as mean (standard deviation)
  2. Alphabets represent significant differences between each variable and two other variables, calculated by Bonferroni test (post-hoc)
  3. *One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA)
  4. # Paired sample t-test