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Table 1 Headache incidence and characteristics after PACAP38 infusion and treatment with ketorolac and sumatriptan from 0 to 2 and 2–6 h. Headache inductions rate: number of participants who developed headache; Median peak headache: peak headache intensity recorded on a numerical rating scale from 0 to 10

From: Investigation of sumatriptan and ketorolac trometamol in the human experimental model of headache

PACAP38 infusion/treatment0–2 h Headache induction rate2–6 h Headache induction rate0–2 h Median Peak headache (range)2–6 h Median Peak headache (range)0–2 h Median Duration of headache (hours)2–6 h Median Duration of headache (hours)
Pre-treatment Ketorolac16 of 1713 of 171 (0–5)0 (0–3)12
Pre-treatment Sumatriptan13 of 178 of 171 (0–4)0 (0–5)0.171
Post-treatment Ketorolac16 of 1712 of 171 (0–5)1 (0–2)1.174
Post-treatment Sumatriptan17 of 1712 of 172 (0–7)1 (0–4)1.672