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Table 1 Summary of study details which differ between studies

From: The crossover design for migraine preventives: an analyses of four randomized placebo-controlled trials

AuthorsSchrader et al. [11]Tronvik et al. [12]Stovner et al. [13]Hagen et al. [14]
Publication year2001200320142015
Number included6016027272
Age range at inclusion19–5918–6518–6518–65
Number of migraine attacks per month at inclusion2–62–6≥2≥2
Number of treatment periods2232
Duration of follow-up, weeks30324832
Active substance(s)LisinoprilCandesartanCandesartan and Propanolol3Acetyl-L-carnitine
Effect of active versus placeboYesYesYesNo
Placebo tablets in baseline periodYesYesNoNo
Placebo tablets in washout periodYesYesNoNo
  1. 163 entered baseline period, but 3 were not randomized after run-in period because of < 2 attacks/month (n = 2) or for no specific reason (n = 1)
  2. 275 entered baseline period, but 15 were excluded because of < 2 attacks/month (n = 5), > 6 attack/month (n = 7) or for other reasons (n = 3)
  3. 3This study was a double crossover study
  4. 4Meaning that the statisticians were also blinded