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Fig. 2

From: Alterations of individual thalamic nuclei volumes in patients with migraine

Fig. 2

Thalamic nuclei with significant volume alterations in patients with migraine

Regions in red represent increased volumes and regions in yellow reveal decreased volumes in patients with migraine as compared with healthy controls. The figure shows that the right anteroventral and right and left medial geniculate nuclei volumes are increased, whereas the right and left parafascicular nuclei volumes are decreased in patients with migraine. AV: anteroventral, LD: laterodorsal, LP: lateral posterior, VA: ventral anterior, VAmc: ventral anterior magnocellular, VLa: ventral lateral anterior, VLp: ventral lateral posterior, VPL: ventral posterolateral, VM: ventromedial, CeM: central medial, CL: central lateral, Pc: paracentral, CM: centromedian, Pf: parafascicular, Pt: paratenial, MV: medial ventral, MDm: mediodorsal medial magnocellular, MDl: mediodorsal lateral parvocellular, LGN: lateral geniculate, MGN: medial geniculate, L-Sg: suprageniculate, PuA: pulvinar anterior, PuM: pulvinar medial, PuL: pulvinar lateral, Pul: pulvinar inferior nucleus.

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