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Table 4 Significant inter-group ICA differences between CADASIL patients and controls

From: Reduced resting-state brain functional network connectivity and poor regional homogeneity in patients with CADASIL

Predominant cluster regionsCluster sizePeak T valueMNI coordinatesCluster level PFWE-corr
CADASIL < controls in VIN
 Bilateral LG348−6.19−9−78−30.000
 Right CU
CADASIL < controls in FRN
 Right Pcu59−5.1824−57360.002
 Right IFG67−5.05483210.001
 Right precentral gyrus
  1. The surviving ICA clusters were assigned thresholds of p < 0.001 and FWE-corrected to p < 0.05 at the cluster level
  2. ICA Independent component analysis, CADASIL Cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy, MNI Montreal Neurological Institute, FWE Family wise errors, VIN Visual network, LG Lingual gyrus, CU Cuneus, FRN Frontal network, Pcu Precuneus, IFG Inferior frontal gyrus