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Table 3 Headache diagnoses by school grade among pupils (both genders) reporting headache during the preceding year

From: Prevalence and burden of headache in children and adolescents in Austria – a nationwide study in a representative sample of pupils aged 10–18 years

Headache typeProportions of those with any headache (N = 2562)
5th grade (n = 317)7th grade (n = 669)9th grade (n = 822)11th grade (n = 754)
All migraine27.4%a28.5%a34.6%a34.2%a
 Definite migraine16.4%a6.4%b6.3%b8.6%b
 Probable migraine11.0%a22.1%b28.3%c25.6%b,c
All TTH23.3%a26.7%a,b28.3%a,b32.6%b
 Definite TTH16.7%a,b18.2%b18.9%a,b24.0%a
 Probable TTH6.6%a8.5%a9.4%a8.6%a
All H15+3.7%a2.8%a5.5%a3.4%a
 Other H15+2.8%a2.2%a3.8%a1.9%a
  1. UdH Undifferentiated headache, TTH Tension-type headache, H15+ Headache on ≥15 days/month, pMOH probable medication-overuse headache (see text); a,b,c These superscript notations indicate groups differing (p < 0.05) on Tukey post-hoc analyses