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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of patient groups using and not using migraine preventive treatments

From: Efficacy and safety of lasmiditan in patients using concomitant migraine preventive medications: findings from SAMURAI and SPARTAN, two randomized phase 3 trials

Patient characteristic (ITT population)Using preventive treatments N = 698Not using preventive treatments N = 3283
Age, mean (SD), years45.7 (11.6)41.4 (12.5)
Female, n (%)613 (87.8)2742 (83.5)
Race, white, n (%)595 (85.2)2560 (78.0)
BMI, mean (SD)30.3 (7.3)30.2 (8.8)
Duration of migraine history, mean (SD), years21.4 (13.8)18.1 (12.6)
Average migraine attacks/month in past 3 months, mean (SD)5.3 (1.8)5.2 (1.9)
  1. BMI body-mass index, ITT intent to treat, N number of patients in subgroup of ITT population, n number of patients with stated characteristic, SD standard deviation
  2. p < 0.05; p < 0.001 compared with not using preventives