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Table 1 PICOS and eligibility criteria

From: The effect of aerobic exercise on the number of migraine days, duration and pain intensity in migraine: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis


Inclusion criteria

Exclusion criteria

Patients (P)

Migraine with or without aura classified by ICHD-II

Non-human subjects (such as models or animals), other types of headache or pregnant women

Intervention (I)

Physical endurance, physical fitness, aerobic exercise, exercise therapy performed during at least 6 weeks

Manual therapy or medication as stand-alone treatment or no intervention such as diagnosing or performing tests on patients

Control (C)

Outcome (O)

Number of migraine days, attack frequency, pain intensity or duration of migraine attacks


Study design (S)

Randomized clinical trials, randomized controlled trials or clinical trial

Non-English, non-Dutch or non-French; studies published before January 1, 2004; cohort studies, case control studies, case reports, reviews or meta-analyses