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Table 5 Efficacy of preventive therapies in migraine and cluster headache

From: Migraine and cluster headache – the common link

  Migraine Cluster headache
Verapamil Effective [242] Effective in high-dose (360 up to 960 mg)
Litihum No large RCTs; ineffective in small trials; efficacy clues in “cyclic migraine” [169] Effective [166]
Steriods Reduced recurrence of attacks in patients coming to emergency department [171] Effective (usual dosage ≥40 mg)
Antiepileptic drugs Effective Efficacy clues in open uncontrolled studies, not confirmed by RCTs.
GON blockade Effective in chronic migraine [173] Effective [172, 243]
Melatonin 3 mg per day are effective [186] 10 mg per day are effective [185]