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Table 1 (abstract P40). HRQoL outcomes in NHWS respondents with migraine versus matched controls*

From: 12th European Headache Federation Congress jointly with 32nd National Congress of the Italian Society for the Study of Headaches

  Non-migraine controls (N=1,569) 4-7 HDs (N=783) 8-14 HDs (N=429) ≥15 HDs (N=357)
Mean (SD) Mean (SD) Mean (SD) Mean (SD)
Mental Component Summary Score 45.17a 41.02b 40.03b 36.52c
Physical Component Summary Score 50.87a 48.11b 47.15b 42.69c
SF-6D Utility Score 0.70 0.64 0.63 0.58
EQ-5D Index 0.83 0.75 0.73 0.58c
Health Status, EQ VAS 74.22a 67.13b 64.24c 52.26d
  1. *Propensity matching was conducted using patient demographic variables identified in pre-matched bivariate results (i.e., age, gender, employment status, marital status, income, education, smoking, alcohol use, body mass index, exercise and the Charlson comorbidity index). Subscripts refer to pairwise comparisons using independent samples t-tests between subgroups. Values in the same row that do not share the same subscript are significantly different at p<0 .05