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Table 13 Acute therapies used in cluster headache by specialists

From: Aids to management of headache disorders in primary care (2nd edition)

Triptans: None can be recommended for use more than twice a day
 • Sumatriptan 6 mg s/c  • The most highly-effective acute treatment
 • Zolmitriptan 5 mg nasal spray  • Less-certain efficacy but an alternative for those unable or unwilling to use sumatriptan s/c
 • Sumatriptan 20 mg nasal spray  • Less-certain efficacy: absorption depends largely on ingestion
Oxygen 100% at ≥12 l/min until response, or for ≥15 min • Requires a non-rebreathing mask and regulator;
• Helps some people and may be used as frequently as needed