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EHMTI-0267. Plasma anandamide concentration after aerobic exercise training in healthy individuals and episodic migraine patients


Anandamide (AEA) is an endocannabinoid operative in several biological functions. Nevertheless, it is not known the effect of aerobic exercise training (EXT) on plasma [AEA].


Because a dysfunctional endocannabinoid system has been suggested to underlie migraine (M) pathophysiology, we intended to explore the plasma [AEA] after EXT in M patients and healthy individuals.


EXT protocol consisted of 12-week of supervised treadmill at standardized intensity, performed 3 times/week, 30 min./session. Four groups were separated for intervention or waiting list: Healthy subjects without AET (CC), healthy subjects undergoing EXT (CEXE), M patients without EXT (MC), and M patients undergoing EXT (MEXE). Patients had episodic migraine with and without aura (ICHDII). Blood collections were performed interictally at least 24h after attacks or anti-inflammatory use. AEA was quantified by LC/MS/MS. All participants took no preventive medication.


The study included 48 participants (12 for each group) and groups matched by age, sex, and BMI. Baseline [AEA] was not different between groups. AEA reduced in MEXE and CEXE, but was statistically significant only in CEXE (p = 0.007). There was a trend to a negative correlation between adherence and ΔAEA (r=-0.565, p = 0.056).


Plasma AEA decreases after EXT in healthy subjects. In M patients, this response is prevented by lower adherence. Future studies should investigate the relationship between exercise-reward and AEA.

* p = 0.007, Friedman´s Test

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