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EHMTI-0334. Chronic migraine in young age: clinical characteristics in a prospective chronic migraine registry


Chronic migraine (CM) prevalence peaked in midlife, but it is also present among young age.


We aimed to analyze characteristics of young patients in a CM prospective registry.


Patients firstly attended in an outpatient headache office in a tertiary hospital (January 2013-May 2014). CM diagnosed accordingly to ICHD-2R criteria. We gathered demographic and clinical data including comorbidities and risk factors. Patients were classified in two groups, from 14 to 25 years old (Group A), and older than 25 (Group B).


218 patients (34 males, 184 females), mean age of 40.2 ± 14.2 years (14-71) were diagnosed of CM. 36 cases (16.5%, 8 male, 28 female) were included in Group A. Among young patients, considering risk factors, in 15 (41.7%) stressful life events, in 2 (5.6%) mood disorders, and in 3 (8.4%) obesity. Among comorbidities, in 17 cases (47.2 %) vascular risk factor, especially smoking, in 2 (5.6 %) respiratory disease and no case with other chronic pain. 5 of 28 female patients (17.8%) described menstrually-related migraine. When comparing both groups, age at onset of migraine (13.1 ± 4.8 vs 19.3 ± 9, p<0.001), time in months from onset of CM (12.1 ± 11.3 vs 48.2 ± 80.5, p<0.001), and percentage of patients with medication overuse (27.8% vs 78.6%, p<0.001) and previous preventive therapies (27.8% vs 51.1%, p:0.01) were significantly lower in Group A patients.


CM is not uncommon among young age in our registry. Medication overuse is less present in young patients with CM

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