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Table 1 Secondary causes of red ear syndrome

From: The red ear syndrome

Upper cervical spine • Hypertrophy of the ipsilateral C2-C3 facet joint
• Degeneration of superior facet of C4
• Cervical arachnoiditis with posterior column myelomalacia
• Traction injury of upper cervical roots
• Narrowing of C4 neural foramen
• Chari I malformation
• Chronic whiplash
• Congenital fusion of C1-C3 vertebrae with enlargement of the cervical spinal canal
• Neurovascular compression between vertebral artery and C3 root
Cranial and cervical neuralgias • Atypical glossopharyngeal neuralgia
• Atypical trigeminal neuralgia
• C3 root neuralgia
TMJ dysfunction  
Thalamic syndrome
Herpes zoster
Pleomorphic adenoma of carotid body