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World Headache Alliance: raising headache awareness worldwide


The World Headache Alliance (WHA) works to reduce the burden of headache worldwide. Headache disorders are real, common and affect people of all ages, everywhere in the world. To reduce the burden resulting from untreated or mistreated headache disorders, WHA has developed initiatives to raise awareness. By increasing capacity of lay support groups to raise awareness and speak with their governments, WHA hopes to provide a conduit that will encourage sufferers to seek and have access to appropriate treatment. In its five-year history, WHA has provided a global stage for headache awareness through: establishment of World Headache Awareness Month (WHAM), global conventions with training and support for governmental relations, media training and scientific review, a state-of-the-art Web site with strong Internet presence and sound, informative content, presentation of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Award, and speakers, posters and special lectures at professional congresses. Review of successes and lessons learned will steer WHA's initiatives for future success.

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