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Reducing the costs of headache: an Italian approach


Headache is the most frequent reason for neurological consultation, but also a comorbidity often encountered by GPs. The costs of headache are considerable: direct and indirect costs contribute to varying degrees to the overall definition of costs in different countries. DRGs related to headache account for a large percentage of hospital admissions (7.67% in 2000 in Lombardy). A recent Italian law defined certain DRGs as “at risk” for frequent inappropriateness of admission: some of these are groups that embrace the various forms of headache. A task force, comprising the Pavia local health authority (ASL), a representative of local GPs, and several neurologists from the General Hospital and specialist Headache Centre of the city of Pavia, has been formed with the aim of defining the appropriateness of neurological investigations, diagnostic skills, and hospital admissions.

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Citterio, A., Sances, G., Sandrini, G. et al. Reducing the costs of headache: an Italian approach. J Headache Pain 4 (Suppl 1), s75–s76 (2003).

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