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Development of a ICHD-II based computerised system for the general practitioner


We present a computerised programme designed for use in the office of a general practitioner. The system provides an assisted diagnosis according to the ICHD–II criteria for the principal forms of primary headaches (migraine, tension–type headache, cluster headache) and highlights the red flags of a possible secondary headache. A relevant feature is that explanations for the selection of a particular diagnosis are given at the end of the process; furthermore, the characteristics of the patient’s headache, which were previously inserted in the programme by the physician, are summarised, allowing critical evaluation of the suggested diagnosis. The software can also be used as a clinical file, in that it is possible to create for each patient a clinical chart in which to record the selected diagnosis, the recommended therapy and any eventual comments. Our programme aims for educational growth, promoting the learning of the basic ICHD–II criteria.

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Mainardi, F., Maggioni, F., Dainese, F. et al. Development of a ICHD-II based computerised system for the general practitioner. J Headache Pain 6, 211–212 (2005).

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