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Homocysteine levels and cardiovascular disease in migraine with aura


Clinical studies suggest that hyperhomocysteinemia could be considered an independent risk factor for premature cerebral, peripheral and vascular diseases. A number of authors found an epidemiological correlation between increased risk of cerebrovascular disease and migraine with aura. In this study, 34 patients suffering from migraine with aura and 36 healthy controls were evaluated with respect to total plasma homocysteine levels, measured with FPIA immunoassay in the fasting state and after methionine load. Moreover, vitamin B12, folate and other classic biochemical indicators of atherosclerosis disease were evaluated. In this study, homocysteine levels, both at basal and after load, and other cardiovascular risk factors such as vitamin B12 and apo-LpA were within the normal range. Other multicentric randomised trials are needed to carry on and confirm these data.

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Ferraris, E., Marzocchi, N., Brovia, D. et al. Homocysteine levels and cardiovascular disease in migraine with aura. J Headache Pain 4, 62–66 (2003).

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