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Table 3 Symptoms experienced during a migraine (n=35)

From: Real-World experience of interictal burden and treatment in migraine: a qualitative interview study

Symptom Type Number of patients self-reporting symptom (prompted or unprompted)a
Pain 35
Light/sound sensitivity 33
Nausea 26
Other symptom typeb 20
Blurred/affected vision 17
Aura 10
Cognition problems 10
Dizziness 10
Tiredness 10
Stiff neck 7
Lack of awareness/disorientation 4
Smell sensitivity 4
Feeling numb 3
Slurred speech/trouble speaking 3
  1. aAll self-reported symptoms; participants were able to report multiple related or unrelated symptoms
  2. bSuch as vertigo, head pressure, heavy head, feeling too hot or too cold, body distortion, spasms, and increased heart rate