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Table 7 Acute treatment of the migraine attack, second step: Triptans, which are available in Denmark (listed according to the date of marketing in Denmark). If there is an effect of the first dose of a triptan but the migraine recurs, an additional dose may be taken at least 2 h after the first dose. Therapeutic gain is the response to treatment of active substance minus the response to placebo

From: Reference programme: diagnosis and treatment of headache disorders and facial pain. Danish Headache Society, 3rd edition, 2020

Triptan Formulation Therapeutic gain (pain freedom
after 2 h)
Sumatriptan Tablet 50 mg 17%  
Tablet 100 mg 21%
Nasal spray 10 & 20 mg 21% (20 mg)
Subcutaneous injection 6 mg 44%
Zolmitriptan Tablet 2.5 mg
Soluble tablet
2.5 mg
20% Soluble tablets have same efficacy as tablets
Naratriptan Tablet 2.5 mg 15% Side effects equals placebo
Rizatriptan Tablet &
soluble tablets
5 and 10 mg
30% 5 mg if concomitant treatment with propranolol
Almotriptan Tablet 12,5 mg 23% Side effects equal placebo
Eletriptan Tablet 40 mg 28% 80 mg suggested, if 40 mg does not work
Frovatriptan Tablet 2.5 mg 8% Probable slower onset of effect but longer lasting compared to sumatriptan