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Table 4 Logistic regression results

From: Exploring naturally occurring clinical subgroups of post-traumatic headache

 β unstandardizedβ standardizedOR (95% CI) standardizedp-value
Age0.230.061.06 (0.98, 2.65)0.175
Sex−0.25−0.060.94 (0.87, 2.39)0.117
MigHis0.810.201.22 (1.11, 3.04)0
LOC0.330.081.08 (1.00, 2.71)0.056
PrevHI0.650.161.17 (1.03, 2.80)0.018
MO1.500.371.44 (1.18, 3.26)0
PPH0.650.161.17 (1.08, 2.94)0
NewCom0.960.231.26 (1.12, 3.06)0
  1. Dependent variable was acute or persistent PTH, while independent variables were age, sex, history of migraine (MigHis), loss of consciousness during head injury (LOC), previous head injury (PrevHI), medication overuse (MO), pre-existing psychological history (PPH), and new PTH-associated comorbidities (NewCom). Variables in bold font were found to statistically significantly contribute to the prevalence of persistent PTH. Results are displayed using unstandardized and standardized regression coefficients (β), odds ratio (OR), and p-values