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Table 2 Literatures on effects of low fat diet on migraine headache

From: Gut-brain Axis and migraine headache: a comprehensive review

Authors and yearType of articleSample sizeType of dietDuration of treatmentResults
Ferrara LA, Pacioni D, Di Fronzo V, Russo BF, Speranza E, Carlino V, et al. 2015 [53]Crossover intervention trial83 episodic or chronic migraineurs (63 female and 20 male)a low-lipid and a normal-lipid diet3 months + 3 monthsSignificant reduction in severity and number of migraine attacks
Ramsden CE, Zamora D, Faurot KR, et al. 2013randomized trial67 patients with chronic daily headache (H3-L6 = 33, L6 = 34)High omega-3 + low omega-6 fatty acid (H3-L6) or low omega-6 fatty acid (L6)12 weeksSignificant reduction in HIT score, headaches day per month, and headache hours per day in H3-L6 group
Bic Z, Blix GG, Hopp HP, Leslie FM, Schell MJ. 1999 [135]Clinical trial54 migraineurslimit fat intake to no more than 20 g/day12 weeksSignificant decrease in headache frequency, intensity, and duration and medication intake
Bunner AE, Agarwal U, Gonzales JF, Valente F, Barnard ND. 2014Crossover trial42 migraineursdietary instruction (a low-fat vegan diet) and placebo supplement36 weeks (16 weeks + 4 weeks washout+ 16 weeks)Significant reduction in headache severity and frequency during the diet period