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Table 1 Characteristics of the included studies on prevalence of headache among patients with epilepsy

From: The epidemiology of headaches among patients with epilepsy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

First author, dateCountrySample sizeStudy designData collection toolPrevalence (%)Prevalence of any headache (%)Prevalence (%)
Erin K, 2017 [34]USA160Cross-sectionalSelf-reportNANA40.00NA    
Singla et al., 2019 [35]India123CohortSelf-reportNANA47.1021.10 26.00  
Sayena J et al., 2015 [36]Iran150Cross-sectionalMSQNANA32.6015.3017.30   
Ashjazadeh N, 2015 [37]Iran100Cross-sectionalICHD-II485254.0015.00 39.0042.5331.48
Fattahzadeh AG et al., 2017 [38]Iran900Cross-sectionalHISNANA85.2027.90 48.20  
Ito M et al., 2004 [26]Japan364Cross-sectionalICHD-IIINANA40.4026.00  50.0040.40
Inn-Chi L., 2018 [47]Taiwan476Cross-sectionalICHD-IIINANA9.709.70    
Mainieri et al., 2015 [39]Italy388Cross-sectionalICHD-IINANA53.9026.30 19.1048.5019.10
Zhang et al., 2018 [37]China339Cross-sectionalICHD-III172923.0023.00    
Gökhan Ö et al., 2010 [41]Turkey86CohortSelf-reportNANA47.6013.9012.8016.30  
Mameniškiene R et al., 2016 [42]Lithuania289Cross-sectionalHALT426283.2031.70 39.0077.90 
Wang et al., 2014 [25]China1109Cross-sectionalICHD-II576460.1060.20 30.3011.7034.10
Slavica V. et al., 2012 [43]Montenegro259Cross-sectionalICDH II208548.0015.44   28.00
Shamim R..,2018 [44]Bangladesh376Cross-sectionalNANANA80.60NA   80.60
Kwan P et al., 2008 [38]China227CohortHIT-668NA22.004.803.107.0019.80 
Yosria AHA. et al., 2017 [41]Egypt118Case controlICHD-III316924.6079.30    
Sayed MA et al, 2019 [42]Egypt100Cross-sectionalICHD-III277378.0070.60 25.5850.0066.50
  1. Foot notes: MSQ Migraine Screening Questionnaire, ICHD-II The International Classification of Headache Disorders 2nd edition, ICHD-3 The International Classification of Headache Disorders 3rd edition, HALT The Headache-Attributed Lost Time, HIT-6 The six-item Headache Impact Test, IHS International Headache Society, MA migraine with aura, MOA Migraine without aura, TTH Tension type headache, PIH Post ictal headache, IIH Inter Ictal headache