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Table 3 Marginal effects of work productivity losses and economic costs due to migraine

From: A cross-sectional study on the burden and impact of migraine on work productivity and quality of life in selected workplaces in the Philippines

  Low migraine disability (95% CI) High migraine disability (95% CI)
Number of days of absenteeism in the past 3 months 0.70 (0.50–0.89) 3.20 (2.75–3.65)
Number of days of presenteeism in the past 3 months 1.24 (0.99–1.48) 5.75 (5.36–6.14)
Total number of days lost due to migraine in the past 3 months 1.92 (1.61–2.24) 8.97 (8.49–9.46)
Monthly costs due to absenteeism (PHP) 263.6 (187.9–339.4) 1151.1 (984.7–1317.6)
Monthly costs due to presenteeism (PHP) 605.6 (514.9–696.3) 2279.6 (2185.3–2373.9)
Total monthly costs due to migraine (PHP) 865.1 (754.3–975.9) 3440.8 (3323.4–3558.3)
  1. Notes: Adjusted for gender, age, educational attainment, and employee rank; workplace productivity losses were assessed using a two-part model, where the first part measured the likelihood of reporting at least a day lost to migraine, and the second part measuring the number of days and associated costs lost due to migraine for those reporting at least a day lost to migraine; PHP: Philippine Pesos, Conversion rate approximately PHP50 = USD1