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Table 3 Significant brain regions showing altered hypothalamus functional connectivity in mTBI patients with PTH compared with mTBI patients without PTH

From: Altered hypothalamic functional connectivity in post-traumatic headache after mild traumatic brain injury

Brain region BA Peak MNI coordinates x,y,z (mm) t value Voxels
L hypothalamus
 R superior medial frontal gyrus 10 18,30,42 −3.8630 34
 R middle frontal gyrus 9 39,24,42 −4.0160 22
R hypothalamus
 R middle frontal gyrus 9 36,33,33 −4.3566 15
  1. A corrected threshold of p<0.001 determined by Monte Carlo simulation was taken as measuring that there was significant difference between groups. BA Brodmann area; MNI Montreal Neurological Institute; L left; R right; mTBI mild traumatic brain injury; PTH post traumatic headache