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Table 7 Base case results, Norway

From: Economic consequences of migraine in Sweden and implications for the cost-effectiveness of onabotulinumtoxinA (Botox) for chronic migraine in Sweden and Norway

  Cost components (EUR)
Treatment costs GP/A&E visits Hospital Triptan treatment Total direct costs
Botox 7751 3177 1549 819 13,297
Placebo 2439 3457 1723 906 8524
  Total and incremental results
Total costs (EUR) Discounted Total costs (EUR) Incremental cost Total QALYs Discounted QALYs Incremental QALYs ICER
Botox 13,297 11,501 4301 6.503 5.480 0.216 19,954
Placebo 8524 7200 6.255 5.264
  1. Key: A&E Accident and emergency; GP General practitioner; ICER Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; QALY Quality adjusted life years. Note: Treatment costs include the administration cost for Botox and the neurologist visits for both Botox and placebo