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Table 3 Prescribed in- and off-label (Group 2) preventive medications for patients with migraine in the German Company Sickness Fund Database 2016

From: Administrative prevalence and incidence, characteristics and prescription patterns of patients with migraine in Germany: a retrospective claims data analysis

Preventive medication
Percentage of all prescriptions for preventive medications
Beta-blockers 53.8
 Metoprolol 29.6
 Bisoprolol 21.0
 Propranolol 3.2
ACEis and ARAs 22.4
 ARAs (‘sartans’) 20.1
 Lisinopril 2.3
Antidepressants 16.0
 Amitriptyline 9.5
 Opipramol 6.5
Anticonvulsants 5.7
 Topiramate 4.2
 Valproic acid 1.5
Muscle relaxants 0.8
 Onabotulinum toxin Aa 0.8
Calcium channel blockers 0.8
 Flunarizine 0.8
Magnesium compounds 0.5
  1. Data shown are for prescribed Group 2 preventive medications (all preventive medications according to the German guideline for migraine [8])
  2. aPrescriptions for the Allergan brand of onabotulinum toxin A only were included
  3. ACEi angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor; ARA angiotensin II receptor antagonist