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Table 3 Adverse Events during the 12-Week Open-Label Treatment Phase

From: Efficacy, tolerability, and safety of erenumab for the preventive treatment of persistent post-traumatic headache attributed to mild traumatic brain injury: an open-label study

Adverse EventsPersistent PTH (n = 100)
All Events
  ≥ 1 Adverse Event78
  ≥ 1 Treatment-Related Adverse Event38
  ≥ 1 Serious Adverse Event0
 Any Adverse Event leading to Study Discontinuation2
Adverse Events occurring in ≥ 2% of Patientsa
 Injection-Site Reactions
 Acid Reflux1
 Dry Mouth4
 Hot Flashes3
 Irregular Menstruation3
 Low Back Pain2
 Upper Abdominal Pain5
 Worsened Headache8
  1. Data are reported as number of patients. If a patient had the same adverse event more than once, it was counted only once