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Table 4 Annual outpatient costs per patient

From: Migraine treatment and healthcare costs: retrospective analysis of the China Health Insurance Research Association (CHIRA) database

N=824aCosts, USDb
Mean (SD)Median
Total annual costs per patient46.5 (80.8)20.6
 Medication costs36.0 (73.7)15.9
  Western medicine13.5 (23.4)6.5
  Traditional Chinese medicine22.4 (43.3)7.6
 Diagnostic and non-medication costsc10.5 (30.7)0.9
  1. USD United States dollars
  2. aPatients with a migraine-related outpatient visit in January of 2016 or 2017 and with ≥11 months of follow-up
  3. bExchange rate: 1 USD = 6.697 Chinese yuan renminbi
  4. cMigraine diagnostic costs included cranial computed tomography, cranial magnetic resonance imaging, transcranial Doppler ultrasonography, and electroencephalography; migraine non-medication costs included physical therapy and oxygen treatment