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Table 1 Presence of pain in the general population included in ATHLOS harmonized dataset by age class

From: Pain rates in general population for the period 1991–2015 and 10-years prediction: results from a multi-continent age-period-cohort analysis

Age class MalesFemalesTotal
Cases with pain608514,88620,971
% cases with pain33.3%39.7%37.6%
Cases with pain70,425106,939177,364
% cases with pain38.7%47.9%43.8%
> 70Observations83,389115,459198,848
Cases with pain34,33160,81895,149
% cases with pain41.2%52.7%47.8%
Cases with pain110,841182,643293,484
% cases with pain39.1%48.5%44.5%