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Table 3 Difference in structural covariance between patients with HFM with different outcomes

From: The cerebellum is associated with 2-year prognosis in patients with high-frequency migraine

MNI coordinatesVoxel sizeAnatomical regionLocal peak T-value
Seed 1: Right cerebellum VIIIa
Poor outcome > Good outcome
  14−8438272Right cuneus3.53
Seed 2: Left cerebellum VIIIa
Poor outcome > Good outcome
  56−13−23325Right middle temporal gyrus3.64
Poor outcome < Good outcome
  -4847−6331Left frontal pole3.65
Seed 3: Left cerebellum crus I
Poor outcome > Good outcome
  -3823−39557Left temporal pole4.30
  -302950420Left middle frontal gyrus3.49
  -12−729292Left calcarine cortex3.49
  -39−45−30918Left cerebellum VI3.40
  37−41−32686Right cerebellum VI3.29
  1. HFM high frequency migraine