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Table 2 Difference in GMV among patients with HFM with different outcomes and HC

From: The cerebellum is associated with 2-year prognosis in patients with high-frequency migraine

MNI coordinatesVoxel sizeAnatomical regionLocal peak T-value
 50−4541266Right Supramarginal Gyrus3.41
 45−46−43407Right Cerebellum Crus II3.45
HC > HFM with poor outcome
 -14−2038287Left Posterior Cingulate Gyrus3.00
HC < HFM with poor outcome
 47−47−444408Right Cerebellum Crus II4.69
 45−556262Right Precentral Gyrus3.66
 -11−84−263285Left Cerebellum Crus I3.63
Good outcome < Poor outcome
 33−43−496136Right Cerebellum VIIIa4.82
 -32− 53− 543938Left Cerebellum VIIIa4.08
 -8−84−23560Left Cerebellum Crus I3.63
  1. GMV gray matter volume, HC healthy controls, HFM high frequency migraine