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Table 3 Change from baseline in MIDAS absenteeism (days), presenteeism (days), and total lost productive days

From: Trajectory of migraine-related disability following long-term treatment with lasmiditan: results of the GLADIATOR study

 Lasmiditan 100 mg (n = 972)Lasmiditan 200 mg (n = 1063)
Change from BL*Change from BL*
LS mean*% change in meanLS mean% change in mean
Absenteeism (days)BL, mean a3.13.2
Month 3−0.6−20.2−0.8−25.1
Month 6−0.9−29.2− 0.9−29.5
Month 9−1.0−32.4−1.0−30.7
Month 12−1.0−32.4−1.2−38.6
Presenteeism (days)BL, mean a6.36.2
Month 3−1.5−24.1−1.4−21.7
Month 6−2.1−32.4−1.8−29.3
Month 9−2.3−36.1−1.8−29.6
Month 12−2.6−40.3−2.3−37.2
Total lost productive daysbBL, mean9.49.4
Month 3−2.2−23.4−2.2− 23.4
Month 6−3.0−31.9−2.8−29.8
Month 9−3.3−35.1−2.8−29.8
Month 12−3.6−38.3− 3.5−37.2
  1. Abbreviations: BL baseline; LS mean least squares mean
  2. *All changes from baseline significant at p < 0.001
  3. aCalculated as the sum of MIDAS question 1 (absenteeism from work or school) and question 2 (presenteeism at work or school). bIncludes patients with 0 total lost productive days at baseline