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Table 4 Demonstration of the associations between allodynia severity and rs10166942 genotypes by general linear models

From: TRPM8 genetic variant is associated with chronic migraine and allodynia

 Bp valueBp value
Sex (female = 1/male = 0)1.230< 0.001**1.079< 0.001**
Chronic migraine0.1260.623
Disease duration of migraine (years)0.0320.003**0.0540.001**
Level of anxiety0.135< 0.001**0.1030.007*
Level of depression0.1080.001**
rs10166942 (T carriers =1)0.8880.001**0.7760.001**
  1. acontrolled by age, sex and depressive level. B B coefficient; level of anxiety was presented by HADS anxiety score; level of depression was presented by HADS depression score. *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01