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Table 1 Tests recommended for migraine

From: Consensus of the Hellenic Headache Society on the diagnosis and treatment of migraine

ICHD-3 codeMigraine SubtypeRecommended tests
1.1Migraine without auraNone
 Frequent Episodic MigraineBrain MRIa
Carodit ultrasound or MRAa
1.2Migraine with auraBrain MRIa
1.2.2Migraine with brainstem auraBrain MRI & MRA
Carotid and vertebral arteries ultrasound/or CT or MRAa
Genetic evaluationa
1.2.3Hemiplegic migraineBrain MRI & MRA
Genetic evaluation
1.2.4Retinal migraineBrain MRI & MRA
Ophthalmologic evaluation
1.3Chronic migraineBrain MRI Gd & MRVa
Lumbar puncture
1.4Complications of migraineBrain MRI
1.4.2Persistence aura without infractionEmergency brain CT or MRI (Carotid and vertebral arteries ultrasound/or CT or MRA ESRa)
1.4.3Migrainous infarctionEmergency brain CT or MRI (Carotid and vertebral arteries ultrasound/or CT or MRAa)
1.4.4Migraine aura-triggered seizuresRepetitive EEGs or video EEG
1.5Probable migraineBrain MRIa
1.6Episodic syndromes that may be associated with migraineGastric work-up
  1. Adapted from Mitsikostas et al., 2015 [5] with changes
  2. aIndicates specific conditions; CT Computerized tomography, MRI Magnetic resonance imaging, MRA Magnetic resonance angiography, MRV Magnetic resonance venography, Gd Gadolinium, EEG Electro-encephalogram, ESR Eryhtrocyte sedimentation rate