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Table 3 Abnormal functional connectivity of the bilateral substantia nigra in patients with MwoA compared with healthy controls

From: Altered functional connectivity of the red nucleus and substantia nigra in migraine without aura

 Brain regionPeak MNI coordinatesVoxel sizePeak t score
L Substantia NigraNaN     
R Substantia NigraR Postcentral Gyrus36−364873−4.4389
L Parietal Lobule−3− 3672223−5.0468
L Superior Frontal Gyrus−30−35775− 4.3164
  1. Significance was determined at a voxel-level threshold (P < 0.01) with Gaussian random field theory correction at a cluster-level threshold (two-tailed, P < 0.05). MwoA Migraine without aura, MNI Montreal Neurological Institute