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Fig. 4

From: C-fibers may modulate adjacent Aδ-fibers through axon-axon CGRP signaling at nodes of Ranvier in the trigeminal system

Fig. 4

Immunolocalization of CGRP in rat trigeminal ganglia in relation to CASPR-positive axonal nodes. a The CGRP Ab labeled smaller neurons and thin fibers (arrowhead) within the ganglia. Double staining with the CASPR Ab (arrow) showed no co-localization (merged). b Higher magnification shows a CGRP-labeled axon in close proximity to CASPR-positive axons. CGRP-containing axonal varicosities (arrow), which are putative release sites, align directly across from CASPR-positive nodes of Ranvier (arrowhead) on the adjacent axon

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