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Table 5 Significant inter-group differences in ReHo and seed-based FC analysis between CADASIL patients and controls

From: Reduced resting-state brain functional network connectivity and poor regional homogeneity in patients with CADASIL

Predominant cluster regionsCluster sizePeak T valueMNI coordinatesCluster level PFWE-corr
ReHo reduction in CADASIL patients
 Right Pcu/CU155−5.336−78300.009
 Right visual association cortex
 Right calcarine gyri
 Right posterior cingulate
 Right limbic lobe
FC reductions in CADASIL patients (seed region: right Pcu/CU)
 Right PHG206−5.6224−27−30.005
 Left PHG171−4.59−18−39−120.011
 Right postcentral gyrus115−4.1433−39570.044
  1. The ReHo clusters and seed-based FC that survived were assigned thresholds of p < 0.001 and FWE-corrected to p < 0.05 at the cluster level
  2. ReHo Regional homogeneity, FC Functional connectivity, CADASIL Cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy, MNI Montreal Neurological Institute, FWE Family wise errors, Pcu/CU Precuneus and cuneus, PHG Parahippocampa gyrus