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Table 1 (Abstract A18). Characteristics and PRO scores of the BECOME study population set for Part 2

From: 13th European Headache Federation Congress 2019 - Abstracts

  Part 2 (N=2419)
Age, years 43.0 (11.56)
Female, n (%) 2103 (86.9)
Time from the first diagnosis of migraine, years 15.7 (11.92)
Type of migraine*, n (%)
 Migraine without aura 1291 (53.4)
 Migraine with aura 290 (12.0)
 Chronic migraine 731 (30.2)
 Complications of migraine 9 (0.4)
 Probable migraine 2 (0.1)
 Episodic syndromes that may be associated with migraine# 6 (0.2)
Diagnosis of medication overuse headache, n (%) 571 (23.6)
PRO questionnaires
 EQ-5D-5L utility index score 0.76 (0.22)
 EQ VAS score 67.3 (20.36)
 HIT-6 total score 65.2 (5.59)
 MIDAS disability grade IV, n (%) 1982 (81.9)
  1. All values are mean (SD), unless otherwise indicated. *diagnosis according to the ICHD 3-beta code; #previously known as ‘childhood periodic syndromes’, this type of migraine may also occur in adults, who also have migraine with or without aura, or who have an increased likelihood to develop either of these disorders. EQ-5D-5L, EuroQol 5 dimensions 5 levels; HIT, Headache Impact Test; ICHD, International Classification of Headache Disorders; MIDAS, migraine disability assessment; N, total number of patients; n, number of patients; PRO, patient-reported outcomes; SD, standard deviation; VAS, visual analogue scale