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Table 2 Functional connectivity MRI during and outside of the ictal phase of migraine

From: Functional connectivity studies in migraine: what have we learned?

StudyPopulation and methodFindings
Amin FM, 2016 Neurology [27]
Origin: Denmark.
16 MO patients were scanned during and before drug provoked attack.
Control group consisted of 15 MO patients who were scanned before and after a vasodilator drug which did not provoke migraine attacks.
During versus before attack
SN: increased FC of bilateral opercular part of inferior frontal gyrus.
SMN: increased FC of right premotor cortex and decreased of left visual cortex.
DMN: increased FC of left primary auditory, secondary somatosensory, premotor, and visual cortices.
Seed-based approach using MATLAB. Seeds were used for SN, sensorimotor network (SMN) and DMN.Control group
No change was seen between before and after attack recordings.
Hougaard A, 2017 Hum Brain Mapp [28]
Origin: Denmark.
16 MA patients were scanned during and outside of a natural provoked attack.Seed-based approach
Attack versus non-attack condition
Left pons: increased FC of left primary somatosensory cortex (corresponding to the head and face somatotopic areas). Moreover, increased FC of left superior parietal lobule.
Aura-side V5: increased FC with lower middle frontal gyrus (flipped analysis).
Seed-based and ICA-based approaches using FSL. Seeds were bilaterally placed in cortical visual areas (primary visual cortex, V3, V4, V5), lateral geniculate nucleus, and pons.ICA-based approach
No changes were detected in 56 analysed networks.
Amin FM, 2018 Cephalalgia [29]
Origin: Denmark.
17 MO patients were scanned during and outside of a natural provoked attack.Attack versus non-attack condition
Right thalamus: increased FC with left superior parietal lobule, left insular cortex, left primary motor cortex, left supplementary motor area and left orbitofrontal cortex. Moreover, decreased FC with right primary somatosensory cortex and right premotor cortex.
Seed-based approach using FSL. Seed were bilaterally placed in thalamus, pons, cerebellum crus I, and cerebellum lobule VI.No change in FC was detected for the remaining seeds.
  1. MA Migraine with aura, MO Migraine without aura, FSL FMRIB Software Library, FC Functional connectivity, ICA Independent component analysis, DMN Default mode network, SMN Sensorimotor network, SN Salience network